Spot-On ICO’s To Keep Your Eye On In 2018

What is freedom if not an equal opportunity for all? But where does it come from? On the one side, we have a thing called regulations. Figures of authority use them to ensure that every player is bound by the same rules. On the other, we have a complete absence of regulations that lead to a world where rules per say just do not exist for anybody.

Both sides of the coin have their flaws. Every rule can be bent or broken and every authority can be bought or bribed “lobbied”.

That noted, the absence of rules as a whole, while putting everyone on equal ground (at least on paper) don’t seem to care about individual differences. One party will always be stronger, smarter, richer or more viciously mischievous than the other. Such a party will use the absence of regulations to butcher competitors and monopolize the market. The latter is, obviously, worse hence the world of finance had certain regulations since the dawn of time. As dated as they are, these clear sets of rules set up a clear game board.
Given the other path leads to chaos, we were simply forced to deal with the lesser evil of third-party enforced regulation over the last two thousand years or so.

Then came the Blockchain.

Serving as a distributed public ledger Blockchain has given power (freedom) back to the people. The people themselves serve as an authority and keep a close eye on fishy activities. Thus, Blockchain combined the better of the two worlds. Or so they say…

The downsides of Blockchain

Some say that power given to all is the same as the power given to none. Why? Because people are different. The larger the community, the more diversity is in it in terms of levels of education, intelligence, tech savviness and basic awareness. Or, if put more simply, a lot of people are simply incompetent to perform the job of a regulating authority especially in something as new as the Blockchain technologies.

This results in scam schemes like the infamous Benebit ICO. The whole thing looked insanely legit: a team promised to develop a token system that unifies customer loyalty programs. They showed dedication through active social media activity, a clear, pinpoint accurate whitepaper and an estimated marketing budget of over $500.000.

Needless to say, the topic as hot and the hype as big as they were generated a lot of interest from investors… Until it was revealed that the photos of team members were stolen from the internet and the passport details of the founders were as fake as Mr. Trump’s hair.
Alas, when active members of the community revealed the truth to the public it was already too late. Benebit’s site, marketing materials, and social media accounts went down and the team behind the fraud went home with nearly $3 million dollars. Bummer.

Scams like this one ruin the reputation of the otherwise revolutionary technology when they really shouldn’t. I mean, sure, every new thing has to surpass the benefit of the doubt and Blockchain still has a long path to walk in that direction but for every Benebit there are dozens of amazing ICO’s like MedicalChain, NEX and Omega One and others that have the potential of making millions for investors and traders alike. This brings us to the next point in our journey.

The bright sides of Blockchain

If there is one thing on Earth that never changes it is the fact that humans are great at learning. We master, adapt and overcome everything live tends to throw at us whether it is a bloodthirsty sabretooth tiger or the CNN news feed – we can handle it all. The blockchain is not an exception: the community is growing, getting more perceptive and experienced in the niche. It’s just too damn good to miss out on hence we have no chance but to get better with this technology.

The rising level of awareness tends to eradicate faulty ICO’s and shady practices from the system through unity. Every member of the Blockchain network tends to have a deeper understanding of the technology and this trend is only growing so far.

Give it a few more months or even a year or two and an ICO fraud will be both a rare sight to view and an obvious trap that even total newbies can spot with their eyes closed. In the meanwhile, we have no one but ourselves to double-check and share information.
We offer to kick start this game by sharing only those ICO’s that are worth your while.

Omega One

Omega One is an aggregating exchange problem solver. As of now the world of cryptocurrencies is still young hence provided solutions are immature. Traders are limited to high-risk, low-security exchanges. Omega One eases this pain through splitting orders into lesser pieces and distributing them across various exchanges. The Tokens are used to pay off trading fees.

Omega One’s is impressive in terms of technology and experience with it, yet is rather weak when it comes to marketing. Engagement of their “fanbase” is close to zero in both Telegram and social media accounts. As of now, this may be a concern for investors yet it also is a great opportunity to gain more without fighting a lot of competition.

That noted, Omega One is backed by ConsenSys, a company with a brand, a respected name, and a proven track record. Add that to the novelty of the idea and you’ll get one of the highest chances for success despite the odds currently on the market.


NEX or Neon Exchange is one of the most anticipated ICO’s out there. This is the second company aiming at decentralization of exchanges. This only proves that the topic is hotter than the sun nowadays.
Here is the thing – Coinbase has been a staple of the industry since launch, yet the platform offers little flexibility. The likes of EtherDelta, on the other hand, offer that choice of the preferred coin, yet lack the quality or sophistication of a player as massive as Coinbase. This is where NEX comes in.

NEX supports smart contracts from third parties, provides an extension capable of storing currencies off a traditional exchange and, more importantly, handles matching bid orders as well as final settlements thus combining the best of two worlds. The hype for NEX is real.
That noted, NEX is powered by an amazing team that consists of City of Zion members, Ethan of the Neon Wallet. It also has Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei as advisors – their names alone seem like a concrete seal of approval for the product.


The blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies. For once, the technology is also an amazing fit for storing patient health records, as proven by the MedicalChain. Their innovative take will empower patients to grant permission to view or edit their files through an interface of an app. Online consultations with doctors will be available via a webcam. The platform will also be a marketplace where patients can share data for studies and get rewarded with tokens for their input into the further development of medical research.

If this is not the future, what is?


Blockchain and the products it gives life to are still new, hence risky enterprise. We all have to be aware of that and make decisions based on research. We also have to continuously help each other through guidance. This is exactly what we are trying to do, at least in the form of the Mineunit community. Feel free to join us and carry the torch of the truth!

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Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss
Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss Let's join to the community
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