Mining Will Only Get You So Far Or 3 Ways To Earn With Mineunit

If we were to talk Bitcoin – 149 blocks were mined and the total volume of deals exceeds $392,979,773.33 in the past 24 hours alone.

Then there are Litecoins, Ether, Dash and 1500+ other altcoins that we mine, sell and trade on a daily basis.

The Mining industry is huge nowadays and it shows no signs of slowing down. That’s why we get the impression that mining is all the rage right now. But what if one was to look a bit deeper?

Altcoins are not the cause; they are the effect of newly emerging blockchain technologies. Is it a beneficial effect? Yes. But is there more to the technology and the opportunities it provides to us? Definitely! You don’t even need to go far looking for proof – Look at Mineunit.

We offer not one, not two, but 3 ways if earning crypto to our clients.


mining with mineunit

The current prototype of mineunit is rocking 2 NVidia P104-100 mining cards. We are still waiting for next-gen GPU cards to pop and we will implement them into the design if they prove to be worthwhile.

We’ve also created custom algorithms for the device that choose which currency is the most efficient mining target at the moment. The device will switch between different altcoins automatically, thus maximizing the profitability for end-users.

In simpler words, the tech is smart enough to do all of the work. You’ll just need to plug it in, press a button and check your account for updates because new coins are destined to land there sooner than later.

Distributed computing

distributed computing with mineunit

Believe it or not, but mining is not your only source of income, nor is it the largest one. Distributed computing is where the real money is and you will be getting a slice of that juicy pie.

All of the mineunit devices are united into a single network. All of them combine computing power to perform various tasks. You can call it the world’s mightiest supercomputer if you will.

Obviously, a network as powerful as ours doesn’t just “do stuff”. Businesses from all over the world can place computing orders in it for complex tasks like media transcoding, 3D rendering, and neural network training, just to name a few. These businesses pay a commission, which is much more efficient than constantly upgrading hardware in-house, and that commission is shared between the members of the networking the form of tokens.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, don’t stop there, because mineunit isn’t just a network for business owners. It is the pivotal element of a Smart City hub, which helps the society, the environment, and the local economy. We use the LoRa technology to allow collection and analysis of data offline without the need of sending it to a centralized database.

What can mineunit and LoRa track, analyze and troubleshoot together?

  • Automated water and power supply systems
  • Control of temperature and water levels of soil, monitoring of solar radiation, heat, and the state of warehouse facilities for agriculture
  • “Smart City” management systems
  • Security and communication channels
  • Environmental control, air pollution analysis systems and much, much more.

In simpler words, you get paid for helping others. If that is not the economy of the future – what is?


earn tokens with mineunit

Tokens are your third and final source of income with mineunit. Yes, you will be rewarded with them for your cooperation in the network, but why wait for the release of the mineunit, if you can get your hands on the first tokens today?

We have developed the Mineunit Club, a place for everyone who likes to talk crypto feel at home. We have invaded influencers and industry leaders to join our ranks. You can hang out with them in the club even today. Mineunit Club members also access a full-blown learning hub with an academy of e-courses on mining and trading so you can learn to grow alongside some of the smartest minds in the Blockchain industry.

Finally, yet importantly – you will be rewarded with points for your activity in the club. Those points will be converted into tokens during the token generation event. After that you’ll have a series of options at your disposal:

  • Sell the tokens for immediate profit
  • Hold the tokens and wait for their price to grow and earn even more
  • Allow mineunit professionals to manage your portfolio and assets to maximize profitability.

As for now, have a great day and don’t forget that you already have the chance to earn by earning in the club. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss
Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss Don’t hesitate! Join to the world of the cryptocurrencies and start mining like a boss Let's join to the community
Alex Seryj

Blockchain is so much more than altcoins. I am honored to be the evangelist of this message on this blog. Hope you’ll learn a lot from reading my works!


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